Feed Fight

Feed Fight Episode 5: Campaigning Optimism & Media Mental Health with Jodie Jackson

July 25, 2019

In Episode Five of Feed Fight, we speak with Jodie Jackson, a campaigning optimist and author of You Are What You Read: Why changing your media diet can change the world'. Starting her journey with constructive media 10 years ago, Jodie has dedicated the last 10 years to analysing the media negativity bias. Jodie guides us through helpful and inspirational advice on separating information from fact, tuning out of the news, becoming conscious consumers and changing industry. More info on Jodie and her book, via her Twitter: @JacksonJodie21 and you-are-what-you-read.com

Notes from our content this week:


This Much I Know.News

UK Womenswear Designers:

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Humphries and Begg


6-Minute Diary


Digital Minimalism

Podcast: The Shrink Nextdoor 

Jodie's 'You are What you Read' Starter Pack


Recording Location: The Shop at Bluebird, Covent Garden